Happy customer again!
A very big thank you for producing and installing such an excellent piece of work.

I shall certainly be recommending you to my friends.

My house is feeling so much more like home, now that I have m favourite things around me.


Mrs. S. EV, Marlborough, February 2017

Another shelving arrangement fitted!

Small family-run business delivers great service again!
"I am sorry if I was a bit of a pain. I should have had faith in your experience and knowledge. You were very patient.

The shelves look great. I had a lovely time moving all the books around, and fitting them all in.

I hope you have a busy new year. It is good to know that we still have a few small, family-run businesses that know how to deliver great customer service."

Miss E. McC., Barkingside, IG6.
January 2017

In Time For Christmas!
"This is just to say how pleased we are with our sixth bookcase - it completes the refurbishment of our house.
With the run of bookcases in the alcoves and bay window in our sitting room, we can accommodate our book collection most elegantly.
The flexibility of being able to adjust the height of each shelf for all our various sizes of books, is what does it for us!
The whole installation has been much admired.
Thank for doing the fitting so quickly, efficiently and tidily."

J.S. Pinner, Middlesex, December 2016


Storing books easily...
Just to say thank you! The shelves look fabulous, and finally all our books are unpacked and in one place. We're so grateful for your help with getting this project completed. I'm sure you'll agree it looks amazing!
S.B. Glasglow, October 2016.

Just a quick note to thank you for the wonderful fitted shelving that you installed yesterday. The end result looks better than I could have imagined and the value of the suggestions you made at the planning stage are clear. Dealing with Shelvex has been a pleasure from start to finish.

Best regards, Richard Sharp

Loft room becomes a study
"I am writing to say how pleased I am with the home study you recently fitted for me.

The customer experience, which Shelvex provided for me was first class, from start to finish. You and your colleagues couldn’t have been more helpful, and I felt you were on my wavelength right from the start. Your colleague was a terrific ambassador. He let me know when he arrived in Dundee, he arrived precisely at the time he predicted, and he worked hard, efficiently and effectively to put together my new study – which looks great! It is more than matching my expectations.

Thank you for all your efforts; they are very much appreciated.

Kind regards"

J.A., Dundee, July 2015


Shelving arrangement creates new room
"I enclose photos of the excellent work you completed for me, now that the shelving arrangement is filled.

All installed in one day, four weeks from your planning visit, and less than half the cost of the other quotes - no wonder I am delighted!

Be assured that I will recommend you very highly."

J.H., Pickering, Yorkshire, June 2015

Experienced Advice For Our Customers
" Just a quick note to thank you for the wonderful fitted shelving that you installed yesterday.
The end result looks better than I could have imagined.
The value of the suggestions you made at the planning stage are clear. Dealing with Shelvex has been a pleasure from start to finish.

Best regards,
R.S., Wiltshire"

Ever wished you could find that book?
How satisfying to be able to go to your 'library' and find that exact book you were looking for! We help you to design shelving arrangements, however small or large, that can house, and importantly, display your books. So why not give us a call on 01628 522476 to see if we can help. We recently designed, manufactured and installed some shelving for a kitchen, that has neatly housed and displayed recipe books, and created a wine rack to efficiently store their substantial wine collection!

New Corner Study
This arrangement fitted neatly in to a small space, transforming it to allow the owner to work comfortably from home.

Happy Repeat Customer Again!
"I am delighted with the new shelving and cupboards to add to those you made in 2007. Your 'installer' worked expertly and efficiently, and had everything done on time. Now that I have put everything in place, I have a lot more shelf space in the living room. Thank you again for the excellent design, and the whole of your professional service."

R.D., London, April 2013

Shelvex Shelving Furniture Helps Sort Out Again!
Thank you so much for helping us to create our library - it is fantastic, and we still haven't quite finished sorting all our books.
JM Fitton, Dulwich, London

New online brochure for Shelvex made to measure fitted shelving
For a further overview of how Shelvex bespoke shelving may help you solve your storage needs, look at our new online brochure below:


Making use of space in your home

A conversation with a customer recently reminded us how we help our customers make use of space in their homes, converting, for example, space under their stairs in to a study, or making a library our of a space between a door and a window. This ability to provide bespoke shelving to match existing decor is also what draws our customers back to us time and again.

Shelvex can help make any space in your home useful and beautiful...

"We are delighted with the installation and fully satisfied". B S, Slimbridge, Glouc. July 2011

Another satisfied customer !

Some of our customer comments from 2010
"Shelvex did us proud. They lined up one wall with moveable shelves, and constructed two desks with shelves and spaces for computers. All came out looking exactly as in the advertisement in the newspaper colour supplement that had made us contact Shelvex in the first place. The plans were drawn up during one visit to our apartment, and a few weeks later, the shelving was constructed in the apartment in a few hours. The shelves are ingeniously help up by movable supports, so that they can be adjusted to accommodate various sized books or ornaments or files as needed. Our space is well used now, and we are very pleased with the appearance, as well as the service we received."
R&J T. Pimlico, London. July 2010

"The bookshelves recently supplied and fitted are totally as planned, and very satisfactory. We could not have had better advice and service. Many of our friends are impressed."
H.E. Prestbury. June 2010
"We've used Shelvex twice and been happy both times. They shelved one big alcove and then came back eighteen months later to do a smaller one in a matching style and finish. They understood our ideas and on the day worked quickly, efficiently, tidied up and were always polite."
GR London. February 2010

"Thank you for sending me, free of charge, the extra shelf support pegs that I requested for my shelving. I am very impressed to receive such good customer service, having had my shelving originally supplied and fitted by Shelvex over 12 years ago."
KL London. January 2010

"Thank you so much for the excellent installation. Your craftsmen were extremely professional and are a credit to your company. We will be looking to ask you to do an installation on the top landing next Spring."
Professor ES London/Oxford. October 2009



Transforming a home study
 Stage 1 - the current study - not bad, but not the best or most aesthetic use of space
 Stage 2 - dismantling the existing in preparation for the new - all achieved in one day
 Stage 3 - building the new shelving arrangement with adjustable shelves, maximising use of space in the room, and a finish that matches existing decor
Stage 4 - getting organised - books, files, cds, stereos etc all aesthetically arranged in a shelving arrangement that transforms the study and maximises the use of space in the room

True service counts
For over 40 years, Shelvex has been providing its customers not only with shelving arrangements that solve storage problems aesthetically and transform spaces/rooms, but also with an exceptional service to its customers. It is this service that keeps our customers coming back to us.

So what do we mean by service?

In the first phone call, we provide personal advice on the type of shelving arrangement that might best suit your needs, and, of course, we give you an idea of the costing to ensure that it is within your budget.

We write and confirm with you when we will come to your home, and then we call you to confirm that we will be there when we say we will.

We come to your home to help you design the shelving arrangement and to select the best finishes.

We make a date to fit the furniture for you and we stick to it - fitted in one day on the day we promise.

We fit shelving arrangements with no mess and no frustration about packaged furniture that never quite fits together as one might expect!

The craftsman who has taken your first enquiry is typically the person who will design the furniture with you, and will then come and fit it with you. So you have continuity of contact, and you know that you are dealing with someone who knows what they are doing.. not an call centre, and not admin staff.

It is these types of things that ensure that we have received such postive feedback, and repeat custom over the years, and it is this kind of service, which we know that any potential customer of Shelvex will appreciate. We look forward to hearing from you - call anytime on 01628 522476!

More bespoke shelving please
"You undertook a project at our house during Autumn 2008 - we are still delighted with the result. At some point in the future, we would like a couple of small jobs done to match. We would like further shelving in the hall, and a large notice board in the room that you worked in before. Thank you in anticipation." JC, Milton Keynes, Jan 2011

Bespoke Fitted Shelving Furniture from Shelvex Ltd - Customer Feedback
 "Just a quick note to let you know that I am delighted with the new shelves fitted last week. They are every bit as effective as those you installed for me during August 2005. I am particularly pleased at how neatly the television fits in. Everything went very well, and the fitting did not take long at all."RB Lincoln. February 2009

Customer Feedback From Previous Years
"We decided to write to your copmany to say that we were delighted with all aspects of the installation of the bookshelves in our home stuides in Eastbourne. It has literatally transformed our work space at home. We are now able to unpack our library, which we transported 8000 miles from Perth, West Australia - our previous home. Many thanks for all your excellent work." Professors S.R. and T.B. Eastbourne. October 2008

"Just a note to say how pleased we are with the shelving you installed in my sister-in-law's flat last month. This is the third time you have installed shelving for us, the first being some 25 years ago, and we have always been impressed with the quality of the work and the help you have given in designing the most suitable solutions." JS of East Meon, Petersfield, March 2008

"Now that we are well in to the New Year, I have been using the workstation, which you installed in December. I am very happy with it indeed. I can store a lot of books and papers neatly, the drawers and pull-out shelf run smoothly, and I can work comfortably at the desk. You have really made the most of the small space available, and yet the unit is very discreet - the colour you suggested for the wood finish fits in perfectly with the rest of the kitchen. When I first contacted you, I was pleased that you came quickly to see what was needed, and that you then installed it on the day you said you would, with a minimum of mess and disturbance." JC of Oxford, Oxon, January 2008

"I bet you thought I had forgotten! I have taken lots of pictures because I could not fit the whole wall in. Thank you for an incredible job, delivered on time and with considerable panache! Our room has been totally transformed - and we love it! Hope all is well with you." J&D of Forest Hill, Kent, December 2007

Entitled "Satisfied Customers". Reads "...We rang Shelvex, and within 10 days received a visit...Approximately, five weeks later, Shelvex arrived at 8:00am on a Saturday. Later that day, after an intensive day's labour, they packed up, leaving our house spotlessly clean and tidy. We are now blessed with a new-look small house i.e. one with sufficient storage space. Because the shelves are made-to-measure, they are not obtrusive. They have an attractive white-stained wood finish, and add to the light atmosphere in the house. The new shelving has enabled me to put all my box files and folders within easy reach in my study. The result is that I am more efficient when I'm writing. Because provision has been made for moving the heights of the shelves, I will be able to accommodate more books as I acquire them. Before our Shelvex make-over, it felt as if we just inhabited the space left over from storing books! Now we live in a real home. We recommend people with space problems to get in touch with Shelvex. For us, the Shelvex service, our new shelves and wardrobes have all been outstanding value for money." N&P of Swansea, November 2007

"...I was full of admiration for the fitter and the way he worked. Bringing everything in from the van was very strenuous.... Thank you for the excellent design and efficient installation." RD of London, June 2007

"Thank you very much for coming here on Monday to make the alterations I requested in the shelves. I am very satisfied with the result and very impressed with the overall appearance of the installation. I appreciate the trouble you have taken to ensure that I have the home office that I had hoped for. I will contact you again when my wife has made a decision on her study and look forward to dealing with Shelvex again." MO of Camberley, Surrey, October 2004

"We had a wonderful time sorting our books out and setting out our treasures on the top shelf - well within the weight limit, I think! Here are the piccies to show - we are quite delighted with the result - everything we hoped for and more!! Whenever we come in the front door, we say 'wow'! But what I like so much is that it looks as if it has always been there - it does not look like a show house. So you have two very satisfied customers, and everyone who has seen it is hugely impressed. Well done!" DS of Worcester, May 2004

"Both my wife and I wish to thank you for the book shelves, which delight us. Visiting members of the family at Christmas and the New Year all commented on their excellence. It is wonderful to have all our favourite books close at hand. We also very much appreciate your warm friendliness. It was a great pleasure to meet you." CM of Leyburn, North Yorkshire, January 2003

"We would both like to say how very pleased we are with the office that you have provided us with. It really has made life so much easier and more efficient! With all good wishes." MS of Raunds, Northamptonshire, September 1999

"I thought I would write to express my thanks for your most efficient fitting of my new units in the family room. It has made a great difference. Thank you also for coming out to fix the three additions last week. I am even more pleased! I would not hesitate to recommend your company to any of my friends or customers." AL of Hurst, Berks, August 1999

"Apologies for taking so long to write. Needless to say, we've been busy alphabetising all those records, CDs and videos - and it's all done! The room looks brilliant. All in all, we were delighted with the whole job, from consultation and planning through to fitting and finishing up. The service was friendly and personal, the design was flexible, and the materials were strong and attractive. We couldn't believe how quick you were. We would certainly recommend Shelvex to anyone with similar storage problems that need solving." A&J of Bracknell, Berks, August 1999

"We just wanted to let you know how very pleased we are with the shelving system you designed and installed for us. It has gone in extremely well, and we are delighted with both the effect and the usefulness of a splendid piece of furniture - many thanks." M&E of Edinburgh, July 1999

"We are just writing to say a big 'thank you' to you and your team for solving our book/cd/record/video storage problems. The shelving looks lovely, fits perfectly, and we are especially grateful for your advice on colour - they really do blend in splendidly with our present decor. Please thank the guys for a professional job - they were friendly, and didn't leave any mess at all. We're very pleased and we'll be sure to keep your details for future use." J&P of Sydenham, London, May 1997

"I am writing to commend you on the quality of your bespoke furniture. My fiancée and I have recently had our sitting room and study fitted out by you. We have beeen very impressed with the quality of service you provide, and we believe that Shelvex furntiture is extremely good value for money. We look forward to speaking again soon." S.C. of Witney, Oxon, May 1997

"Just a short note to thank you and your people for such an excellent job in manufacturing and fitting our bedroom wardrobes. They have completely transformed the two bedrooms, and are very functional, orderly and tasteful. We find them thoroughly useful and pleasing - especially the walk-in one. For the first time, we have everything we need close to hand, where we need it, and with plenty of space. Both of us are just delighted! Our regards to you." W&B of High Wycombe, Bucks, April 1997

"We thought we should drop you a line to let you know how very pleased we are with the new living room shelving furniture that you have just installed for us. As you know, it replaces a unit that you installed about 22 years ago for the previous owners of the cottage, which we have found to be most attractive and practical during the 14 years that we have lived here." G&J of Bourne End, Bucks, March 1997

"I am writing to say how pleased I am with the Shelvex installment. The shelves fit in neatly, their light ash colour means they do not overpower in a restricted space, and they are both substantial and flexible. The measuring-up and then the assembly were accomplished with no fuss and with maximum efficiency. I look forward to filling the shelf space. Thank you for your care and attention to a smallish order at an inconvenient distance!" JM of York, March 1997

"I am pleased to write to thank you for the successful installation of our open shelved drawer and cupboard units. We are absolutely delighted with both the finish of the unit and the quality of the workmanship. The unit was fitted within an afternoon, there was no mess, and your joiners were courteous and efficient. As you know, we have had fitted furniture previously in this particular part of the house, but I was never happy with it. Shelvex has answered all our storage needs and has made an attractive addition to our living room. Thank you once again." IF of Bangor,Gwynedd, March 1996

"I wanted to let you know how pleased we are with the fitted shelving unit. It looks superb, is a perfect fit, and enhances the hall tremendously. Our thanks to your fitters who worked diligently through a long day to achieve a perfect result." DP of Bracknell, Berks, March 1996

"Now that the shelves are dressed with books and the room's decorations are complete, I find myself very pleased with the total effect and in particular, extremely pleased with the shelving, which has transformed the room's character. I am therefore very relieved I responded to your advertisement and grateful to you personally for your kindness and patient attention in dealing with my initial ditherings. Altogether, the whole matter was dealt with efficiently. It has been a pleasure to be your customer." AT of Penarth, South Glamorgan, August 1992

"Just to let you know that we are very pleased indeed with the Shelvex unit, fitted on Friday. We think it has greatly improved the appearance of the room and the brass fittings in fact give a most distinctive touch - so your advice was well founded." JU of Birmingham, June 1991

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