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As more of us work from home in designated home offices, the requirement for appropriate storage, seating and desk arrangements becomes greater. During our 40 year existence, we have worked for a number of large companies, re-fitting their offices, as required. We bring our experiences with larger companies to our traditional customer base in order to create a calming, effective work environment at home.

We use a wide selection of simulated veneers when creating your fitted home office furniture, which are coordinated with your existing decor. These are some of the samples we use, but we will bring a full range of samples when we visit you at home.

We help you with specific design elements such as cable management, keyboard pull-outs and printer placement. When designing the arrangement, we take in to account what you want to store and whether you therefore require shelving, filing, drawers, cupboards etc. Violins and wine are just two of the more unusual items we have designed around, and we look forward to meeting the challenge of your possessions!

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"Now that the shelves are dressed with books and the room's decorations are complete, I find myself very pleased with the total effect and in particular, extremely pleased with the shelving, which has transformed the room's character. I am therefore very relieved I responded to your advertisement and grateful to you personally for your kindness and patient attention in dealing with my initial ditherings. Altogether, the whole matter was dealt with efficiently. It has been a pleasure to be your customer." A.T., Penarth, South Glamorgan

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