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The fitted living room furniture of today will normally include televisions, videos/dvd players, hi-fi systems, computers, all with their associated vidoes/dvds/cds/remote controls, not to mention photographs, ornaments, and other displayware. We are also collecting and reading more now than ever before. All of these items need to be stored and displayed, but in a way that makes your home feel uncluttered.

At , we spend time at home with you, helping you to design fitted living room furniture to suite your particular requirements.

As nothing we do is standard, we can incorporate cupboards, drawers, filing arrangements, and open, adjustable, bespoke shelving as required, in a variety of simulated, veneer finishes, all to co-ordinate with your decor.

Don't hesitate to call 01628 522476 for a quotation or if you have any questions.

"We are just writing to say a big 'thank you' to you and your team for solving our book/cd/record/video storage problems. The shelving looks lovely, fits perfectly, and we are especially grateful for your advice on colour - they really do blend in splendidly with our present decor. Please thank the guys for a professional job - they were friendly, and didn't leave any mess at all. We're very pleased and we'll be sure to keep your details for future use." J&P of Sydenham, London

"To say that I am thrilled with my new shelving would be an understatement! I am absolutely delighted with them. They look professional and very beautiful. I can not wait to fill the shelves with my books (they come tomorrow - all 46 cases!) I have this fear that I have too many books for my new shelving, but I know where to come, without any hesitation, if and when I need more shelving." M.B., Epsom

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